Vital PSP

I have been buying Vitamin B-12 Liquid from a company called Cyberwize and my friend told me to try the Vital PSP on him? I have not done so. But I wanted to see if anyone has had any experience?

What is Vital PSP+?
Polysaccharidepeptides (PSP) = polysaccharide + polypeptide

Vital PSP

, HealthyWize Vital PSP+ .
The Promoter of the Vital PSP, Vital psp+ In the summer of 2004, CyberWize was fined $100,000 by the Economic Crime Division of the Florida Office of the Attorney General

CyberWize was fined $3,000 in 2004 through “Project Biz Opp Flop, acoordinated attack on misleading and bogus money-making schemes.”


Old Vital PSP now 360 PSP

How the Vital PSP+ is a extremely concentrated form of  functional nutrients that may aid to improve carbohydrate metabolism to provide energy to the brain at the cellular level?

if you’re not satisfied with the health advantages you obtain from

Vital PSP

+ or any of its many other products.  Is it Vital PSP+

Manna 360 – LiveSmart 360 tries to reinvent itself

LiveSmart360 was the brainchild of Mark McCool when after a decade of running his previou company, CyberWize,product orders ground to a painful halt

With the introduction of ‘Manna 360′, LiveSmart 360 appears set to ride the prelaunch waves yet again.
Despite LiveSmart 360 having been in business for nearly a year now and Manna 360 only being a new product, McCool has decided to give Manna 360 it’s very own pre-launch date in November.
The product itself doesn’t officially launch until January 2012.

Manna Shake   is similar product of  livesmart360 ?

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LiveSmart 360 in crisis?

This is not a get rich quick scheme…this is not a hype company. This is a two to five year plan.

I know one thing for sure and that is that there’s nothing more important when your building a business than commitment to yourself, commitment to the future and commitment to what you’re building.

If I can encourage you all tonight, be committed to what you’re doing. If you decide to join our business and if you go out and start representing yourself as a 360 member, stick to your commitment guys.

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Mark McCool CEO of LiveSmart 360 ?

The order report generator linked to in this article has been taken offline sometime in the last week (16/05/2010) by Cyberwize.

When I was doing my initial research into the new MLM company LiveSmart 360, Mark McCool first popped up on my radar when I visited

Currently the domain is pointing to a ’403 – forbidden page’ but last week it was pointed at a website titled ‘Get to know Mark McCool’. Additionally the domain registration for was public at that stage too and Mark McCool was listed as the registrant.

In the last week the ‘Get to know Mark McCool’ website was pulled and the domain registration for has been switched to private.

At the time I couldn’t find a link between Mark McCool, Cyberwize and LiveSmart 360 so I took it at face value and wrote it off as marketing co-incidence.

Turns out there’s a much more stronger link between the three then I first thought.

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Vital PSP hasn’t worked, Now its as 360 PSP+

There Vital PSP hasn’t worked in months! I wonder what the hell he did to it doesn’t work? Shaved cost somewhere. Is the Vital PSP was changed to a new vendor and the Name as 360 PSP + .

Is the Vital PSP or the 360 PSP+ is a synergy of all-natural native strains of rice processed into a complex formulation of carbohydrates, crude protein, and essential vitamins and minerals small enough to be 100% assimilated at the cellular level. ?

I dont belive the Vital PSP is Without adequate supplementation, the normal functioning of cells becomes impaired, resulting in poor health. Pollution, oxidation, contamination, refined foods, stress, and dozens of other health hazards assault the body’s trillions of cells.

Really, really expensive fruit juice.

I tasted his fruit juice, and listened to his spell. I watched as he preached to the crowd and pulled people in to the idea of not only getting very very healthy, but getting rich while doing so. After all, if you are going to have a panacea what better way to sell it than to get a multilevel marketing scheme going at the same time. Well it will be too late when one finds the fact, and by the time money and time lost will never be recoverable. The scam on Tunguska Blast, as commented by a cyberwize looser.